UX / Product Design Lead

We work with clients on a part-time basis to set-up or improve UX processes, mentor and coach UX teams and help with hiring full-time UX professionals.

User Research & Testing

We provide Discovery Research and User Testing services to help you understand your users so that you can create the most relevant products for them.

UX & Workshop Training

Our User Research and Design Thinking training provide team leads with the skills and toolkit to make data-driven decisions, innovate faster and collaborate better.  

Leading (by) User Experience Design

When organisations are planning to expand their UX team, they often don’t know which expertise to include. By partnering with us, they get the benefit of working with an experienced UX professional who will help to set-up or improve processes, mentor less experienced team members and assist with hiring the right UX people to build out a balanced UX team. 

Innovate Faster & Collaborate Better

Our workshop training equips your team leads with a superpower to innovate faster, make better decisions and turn boring pointless meetings into energising workshops – both in-person and remote –  for better team alignment across geographical locations, timezones and departments.  

  • Design Thinking Fundamentals
  • Design Sprint Workshop
  • Team Alignment 
  • Design your own workshop


Having engaged with the KANDR team to help me with a high risk technology project for a rather non technical client, I was impressed at how a range of different design and UX workshops were delivered, making the process approachable, efficient and effective.

Geoff Barker

Head of Digital Creative, TBWA Dublin

The level of professionalism (but also fun) that KANDR brings is second-to-none turning unstructured, long boring meetings into energising workshops that results in getting better team alignment and saving time and energy. KANDR is our number one go to design workshop experts.

Brendan Hennessy

Co-Founder & CEO, Spark

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