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Working alongside TBWA Dublin we provided UX Research and Design work for the Connected Bottle on-boarding journey.

What we did: User Story Mapping Workshop, Prototyping, User-Testing.

The Challenge

The client had already carried out a journey mapping workshop and understood the concept they wanted to build. However, there were a number of concerns.

The concept involved the user interacting with their phone (tap the cap) and entering a code to access the rewards. Open questions were: would people understand how it works? Would they be willing to engage with it?  

On the development side there were also concerns. The on-boarding journey would take consumer through several different new and pre-existing systems. Could systems ‘speak’ to each other, who has responsibility at each stage, how would the transitions be handled and what were the considerations around data sharing across systems.

Our Approach

This was an ideal candidate for a Story Mapping Workshop.  This approach meant that we could get all stakeholders into a room together to map out the full consumer journey, drilling into the details in order to visualise potential issues and dependencies to help plan the development timeline.

Our Process

We took the output from the workshop and created a realistic prototype that stepped through the entire journey, and tested this with consumers. We got positive feedback from this research so after a few small tweaks we handed over the UX output to the Jameson Creative team to apply the visual design and copy writing.

In addition to the user journey design, we workshopped and provided a visual output of the planned communication effort for promoting the new product.



The Result

  • The team was much more confident moving forward with the concept having validated it with consumers.
  • The Story Mapping Workshop output helped the team de-risk development by understanding the order in which tasks needed to be completed, and the roles and responsibilities of each stage of the journey.
  • The calendar/flow-chart visual made it easier for the Communications team to set up the right contacts for the right people at the right time.
  • The new Connected Bottle product offering created a connected community with engaged consumers.

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Having engaged with the KANDR team to help me with a high risk technology project for a rather non technical client, I was impressed at how a range of different design and UX workshops were delivered, making the process approachable, efficient and effective.

The KANDR team really understand the value in engaging the right people at the right time in a project. At different times research groups were used to give actionable insights, and stakeholders were skillfully brought along the journey ensuring confidence to progress with an innovative and complex technology solution that required the companies departments and systems to align in new, collaborative ways of working. This was no easy task but with the guidance of the KANDAR team there seemed like an almost effortless pace to bring the project to production.

Geoff Barker

Creative Director, TBWA Dublin