Development company Spark engaged us to provide UX Research and Design Sprint Workshop for their client, Elite Events on their new sports & fitness tracking venture, HotFoot.

What we did: Design Sprint Workshop, Prototyping, User-Testing.

The Challenge

Elite Events run adventure racing events. During the Covid 19 lockdown they ran an event that would allow people to participate in events individually rather than in groups, using technology as a means of tracking and communicating. They used an off-the-shelf app which enabled them to run the event, but didn’t work as well as they wanted. So they decided to build their own. They wanted a process that would help them to visualise their vision, map out the user journey and identify the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Their goal was to provide an app in which people can compete in challenges and find user created routes throughout the world. 

    Our Approach

    Even when a team is small and harmonious, each person has a different mental model of the solution, and the problems they want to solve for users. So we started by getting each member of the team to complete a pre-workshop questionnaire so that we could gauge how well aligned they were.  We followed this up with the remote Google Design Sprint Workshop where we achieved a lot in terms of understanding the opportunities and generating ideas.

    Our Process

    We took the output from the workshop and created a realistic prototype to validate the concept with users. 

    We received a lot of feedback and rich information from our user research sessions. We uncovered what is important to people when it comes to outdoor running, cycling etc. and discovering new routes, how they currently manage their activities and what is missing from their current solutions. This feedback helped the team decide what features to focus on for the first release MVP.

    Feedback analysis.

    Next Steps

    As of writing, the HotFot app is currently in development and is expected to launch in the summer of 2021.

    See the website for updated information:

    Read more about the idea on the RTE website.

    Dorothy facilitated a Design Sprint workshop with our team to create a vision of our new HotFoot app. The process helped us to really understand the problem, discover opportunities to innovate and align our team on the business goals. We were able to test a realistic prototype with customers and validate our idea before a line of code was written.  The sprint process is very clear and really helped us focus.
    Oliver Kirwan

    Co-Founder of Elite Event Management & The HotFoot App.