Complete PRODUCT Re-Design for

We worked with ChannelSight to re-design their analytics product and create a Product Design System to future-proof consistency across their product platform.

What we did: Re-Design, Design System, Design Sprint Workshops, Integrated UX into existing processes. 

The Challenge

ChannelSight engaged us to improve the user experience and overall look and feel of their products.  Feedback from customers was that while the product features offer value to their business, they found the product clunky and difficult to use. 

Our Approach

We began by evaluating the existing product and recommending changes and improvements.  The product had evolved over time with no design support, therefore it lacked structure and consistency. Too many patterns for similar tasks had crept in over time which was confusing and annoying for users.

We recommended a complete redesign including the development of a Design System as a central resource for designers, front-end developers, Product Managers, QA and anyone working on the product to create and maintain a visual identity and consistency across the products as the product platform scales and grows.

Our Process

We integrated our design work with ChannelSight’s agile development team. Each new piece of work began with a remote Design Sprint Workshop that included the whole team. This aligned everyone on the problems to solve and provided an opportunity to ensure feasibility of proposed new designs.

Following the design sprint we created prototypes and validated these with customers before iterating and preparing them for development.

We added newly designed components as they were designed to the Product Design System to build this up as a one-stop-shop design resource.

The Result

  • The product has a much cleaner interface that customers find easier to understand
  • The team has a complete Design System as a foundation for building consistent future designs
  • There is a strong process for better, more effective communication between designers and developers.
  • Regular research with end users means more opportunity to learn about customers pain-points
  • Team members from other departments (product management, development, QA etc.) can contribute to the solution which creates alignment and better decision making.
  • Integrating UX into the process has resulted in improved overall quality of the deliverables.