User Experience Consultancy

We help clients to create innovative products faster using best-in-class UX Research & Design.

Kandr Digital provides UX consultancy and training to tech companies, mainly operating in the B2B SAAS space. We help product leaders and teams to create innovative solutions and make better decisions through User Research, UX Design, and cross-team collaboration.  


We were able to test a realistic prototype with customers and validate our idea before a line of code was written.

Oliver Kirwan
Co-Founder, Elite Event Management & HotFoot App.


We partner with clients to provide UX research and design services.  

We work with your product team, incorporating UX processes to help build your UX maturity level. 

We provide online UX and workshop Training that provide product leaders with the skills and toolkit to work faster and collaborate better.


UX / Product Design Lead

We work with clients on a part-time basis to set-up or improve UX processes, mentor and coach UX teams and help with hiring full-time UX professionals.

UX Research Training

We teach clients the basic skills needed to engage with users:  planning, interview techniques and analysing the results to better understand your customers.

User Research & User Testing

We provide Discovery Research and User Testing services to help you understand your users so that you can create the most relevant products for them.

Workshop Training

Our Design Thinking training provide team leads with the skills and toolkit to make data-driven decisions, innovate faster and collaborate better.  

Case Studies

Take a look at the stories behind some of the ways we have helped our clients. 

Customer Centred Data Visualisation

We worked with ChannelSight to re-design their analytics product and create a product design system.

Re-imagining a new generation of Apprenticeships

We provided UX, Design and PM work for Solas Learning Works’ new website.

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