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We help product leaders to align teams, improve processes, prioritise experiments and ultimately create more innovative products & services faster

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Team alignment is crucial to successful outcomes. At KANDR Digital, we help siloed, cross-functional  teams to get past the messiness and find clarity through process-driven, time-boxed workshops so they can achieve actionable and successful outcomes.

KANDR Workshops

 Product strategy & growth workshops, design sprints, team alignment, problem solving, design thinking and more.

Product Validation

Answer critical business questions by creating a realistic prototype of an idea, and testing it with real users.

Better Processes

 Improve communication and collaboration. Define working processes that gets everyone singing off the same hymn sheet.

We believe

The key to success lies in truly understanding the people who will use your products.  We combine our user-centred mindset with your business goals so that you achieve better business outcomes.

Product Strategy

Plan your product eco system and develop a roadmap of activities before jumping into building your first MVP (minimum viable product).

User Research / Idea Validation

A product that is not relevant to the target audience will never be a success. Understanding your users will help you to create relevant products for them. 

Product Design at Every Stage

From early stage user journeys & wireframes to visual design & design systems. We help you create amazing and consistent user experiences as your product platform evolves.

KANDR Digital exists because we understand that technology needs to work better with people and not the other way around.  

We leverage our experience and understanding of the product lifecycle to guide you through processes that help you maximise your deep domain experience and create successful experiences for your customers. 

Dorothy Ryan

Managing Director, Kandr Digital Ltd.

our clients

Just some of the people we have helped generate new ideas, solve big problems and create better solutions

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Do you have problems getting started on new product ideas, prioritising feature requests, aligning teams, getting stakeholder buy-in, or simply want to find out how to leverage your own product knowledge to build better products?


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